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Replacement Lock and Key Assemblies

Modular Dimension Barrel Lock, Keyed for Round Keys.  All locks come with   2 matching keys, unless otherwise noted.

Bauer T-DIM01 Modular Barrel Lock  

  *  Dimension Barrel lock & 2 keys
  *  Round vending machine style keys
  *  Fits older style Jason lids

No Longer Available, order T4040 Replacement Below for Jason Lids 

Modular Lock Assembly

T4040 Bauer Modular Lock for Jason and Bonded Doors Black

   *  Modular lock for assembly for Jason & Bonded doors
    *  Keyed 200-209R series
    *  Complete with cam, large nut and set screw
    *  Oval style black finish
    *  Handle is 4.5"x1.875"
    *  Threaded shank is 1.125"L x 1"W  3.5" between mounting holes

$57.99  T4040  Modular Lock for Jason Lids & Bonded Doors

Eberhard Push Button Style Lock Assembly 90 Degree Turn
 Bauer T960 Eberhard Push Button Style Lock Assembly  * T-960 w/ keys, washers & mounting nut       T960-EC Retainer Clip for T960                T960W Inside Wing Latch Cam Plate for Push Button Lock

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  $43.95  T960  Push Button Lock w/E-Clip, H700 Series Keys

T960-EC Retainer Clip for T960  
$1.19  T960EC  Replacement E-Clip for Push Button Lock

$12.95  T960W  Inside Wing Latch Cam Plate for Push Button Lock  



Replacement Locks
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